Bluebirds fans invited to join Coventry protest

Cardiff City fans will be supporting a peaceful protest when the Bluebirds play Coventry City on Wednesday evening in the Capital One Cup.

In the protest about the club being forced to play its home games at Northampton, the Sky Blue Trust  wants all supporters to hold up A4 cards with ‘Let Down’ written on them 35 minutes into the game (35 miles is the distance between Coventry and Northampton). They believe they have been ‘let down’ by the football authorities, hence the wording.

David Johnson of the Sky Blues Trust has been in touch with Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust and Vince Alm of Cardiff City Supporters Club, which is taking  coaches to Northampton, for the Sky Sports televised match.

The cards will be handed out to those on coaches and and also distributed at turnstiles by the Sky Blues Trustto  those travelling by car.

In a statement on their website, the Sky Blues Trust said: “The match between the two CCFC’s on Wednesday is an opportunity to let the world know that fans are united in their disgust at the way they have been let down. The Sky Blue Trust, along with their Welsh counterparts, are organising a protest to make all those responsible aware just how the fans feel about being betrayed and let down.

“We call on all fans to unite – all the Coventry fans, those on the hill, those who go into Sixfields unite and all the Cardiff fans attending unite and all hold up the leaflets in the 35th minute bearing the simple statement “LET DOWN”.

“Coventry fans want their team back in Coventry, the 8,000 who marched last month and the tremendous support there has been for the Coventry Telegraph’s #bringCityhome campaign are testament to the strength of feeling.  The march by thousands of Cardiff fans in March shows their anger at their situation. Football fans united by one thing – they are all Fans Let Down.”