Cardiff City Helping To Show Racism the Red Card With Backing From The Trust

Kristina Hedges, Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust board member and an educational worker for Show Racism The Red Card writes about the charity vital work to tackle racism, a scourge on football and society in general.

What comes to mind when you visualise ‘Show Racism the Red Card’?

With its football-themed name and links to clubs, it’s hardly surprising that many people think ‘football charity’.

Actually, SRtRC  is an educational charity. The majority of work is in schools and other educational centres, delivering workshops on the topic of anti-racism.

 I’m delighted to be linking the Trust with the charity, thereby, strengthening the charity’s links with the club.

The support of clubs is a key part of how the charity engages with young people –offering up relatable role models in a bid to help tackle racism in society.

The annual SRtRC matchday, where supporters can see players and officials warming up in our shirts and holding up the red cards, is great for raising awareness in the charity and its work and we’re always grateful when players agree to be interviewed about their experiences.

Check out last season’s video interview with Neil Etheridge the podcast interview with Sol Bamba

Alongside SRtRC’s work with young people, we have recently been providing anti-racism training for Cardiff City FC stewards during their pre-match training sessions.

The Trust is very keen to support the charity in its work and has been represented at the annual creative competition awards ceremony and a recent educational event held in the stadium.

Local schools are also invited to attend these club events where SRtRC staff and sessional workers (including former City defender Steve Jenkins) deliver workshop activities to explore racism and stereotypes. A report of the event and pictures can be seen on the charity’s website here:

Recent media reports show that racism is on the rise once again in the game of football and sadly, according to the charity’s research, this rise is mirrored in our schools and colleges.

So now more than ever it’s vital that we all work together to Show Racism the Red Card.