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Trust Chair Looks Forward To New Season

Trust chair Keith Morgan

Trust Chair Keith Morgan, a football finance expert, takes his annual look ahead to the new season with just five days to go to The Championship opener.

The new season is now almost upon us and I am sure we will all be looking forward to it with the usual mix of optimism and doubts about how successful the season will be for the club we love Cardiff City FC. Similar feelings will undoubtedly be shared be fans of other clubs right across the country at all league levels.

Despite last season`s relegation from the Premier League, the general feeling from fans that I have been speaking to is that this season back in the Championship may turn out to be an enjoyable one with a realistic chance if the squad can be further strengthened before the transfer window closes on August 8 of promotion back at the first attempt. We have already seen a number of arrivals and departures in the squad as part of the necessary reorganisation that follows either a relegation or a promotion.

Financially, our year in the Premier League provided a major boost and helped avoid what might otherwise have been a difficult year financially if we had not got there as 2017-18 was our final year of receiving “parachute payments” from our previous promotion to the top level.

 I have not seen the 2018-19 accounts, but would expect them to show a reasonable profit, perhaps sufficient to cover the losses incurred in the previous season at Championship level. Therefore, despite a big reduction in income as the new parachute payments are only at about one half of the levels of TV revenues we enjoyed in the Premier League, we start the season in decent financial shape.

There is little or no risk of the Financial Fair Play(Profitability and Sustainabilty) problems that we have all seen so publicly covered in the media impacting on a number of other clubs and which may well be a problem for others, including some direct rivals in the Championship, in the near future.

The senior management team at the club has also been kept together , with rumours of the club Chair Mehmet Dalman leaving to take over Charlton Athletic now having been dispelled, at least for the short term. That continuity can only be helpful in the effort to get the club moving forward on the field.

The togetherness of the club, its owner, directors, management and fans all pulling together in the same direction last season was a great strength. Let’s all work together in the same way this season as well so that we can all be in celebratory mood come next May.

All The Best,

Keith Morgan, Chair, Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust

The Threat Of Possible European Super League

Trust chair Keith Morgan

Trust chair Keith Morgan, who is a football finance expert, gives his view on the impact of a possible European Super League in football.

The possibility of some of the biggest European teams breaking away from their domestic leagues to join in a “closed shop” European Super League has been discussed on more than a few occasions in the past and usually dismissed as highly unlikely to happen. However, the threat has never actually gone away.

At the AGM of the Football Supporters Association (the merged body of the previous Supporters Direct and Football Supporters Federation) at the end of June this year , the topic came to the fore again because it would appear that discussions have been held again recently between such clubs and media bodies with a view to progressing such plans.

It is rumoured that a league , if formed , would include having a number of its games televised live at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon as part of a media package negotiated for the benefit of participating clubs only.

The question that many fans might ask is “Well, how will that impact on me or my club?” Surely it only impacts on the Premier League and its bigger clubs? Actually , no , for the following reasons.

The current TV deal with Premier League clubs is highly lucrative and virtually all clubs at the top level are crucially dependent upon it for their financial wellbeing. If that funding were to be removed because TV companies want to reinvest instead in a Super League it would mean that those in the Premier League left behind would see most of their income disappear. Furthermore , the money that cascades down to the lower divisions by way of parachute payments and loyalty payments would also disappear, so the impact on all League clubs would also be great. A further adverse impact would be the draw of live Saturday TV coverage of the “big” games taking away crucial match attendance numbers from clubs.

The FSA (and its European counterpart) is actively lobbying clubs and the football authorities in an effort to reduce the risk of the above scenario happening either in the short or the long term.

Trust welcomes clarity over accepting cash at Cardiff City Stadium

The Trust was contacted by members concerned about the possibility of cash payments no longer being allowed at the Cardiff City Stadium.

Trust chair Keith Morgan contacted club official, Wayne Nash to raise the issue.

One of our members was worried about any move to accept only contactless payments, particularly because of the impact on unaccompanied young people who might not have a debit card.

Keith Morgan said: “Wayne told me in response that cash payments will continue to be accepted at all outlets.

“It appears that a recent Press release on contactless payments affecting all bars and food kiosks caused some confusion. We’re very pleased this has been clarified.”

Trust Supports Brain Injury Charity For 2019-20 Season

The Trust board has chosen the brain injury association Headway as its charity for the forthcoming season. Headway was chosen after Trust members were asked to nominate a deserving cause.

We’re also thrilled to announce that Cardiff City Football Club has kindly agreed to allow Headway to hold a bucket collection in aid of its vital work before the derby clash against Swansea City in January.

Trust chairman, Keith Morgan, said: “We are very grateful for this generous gesture by Cardiff City and thank chief executive, Ken Choo, for agreeing to the collection.

“When we held a collection last December for The Wallich’s work with homeless people it was very well supported by generous Cardiff City fans. We’re confident supporters will give their full support to Headway.”

Headway is a charity that works to improve life after brain injury. An acquired brain injury (ABI) is an injury caused to the brain since birth. There are many possible causes, including a fall, a road accident, tumour and stroke.

 In Cardiff and south-east Wales, Headway works from Rookwood Hospital in Llandaff. It was established in 1985 as a support group by people with ABI, their families and therapists at Rookwood.

The aim was to address the lack of support available to families on discharge and the isolation they could experience.  Headway has grown and evolved over the years in response to the changing needs of the ABI community.

From its Rookwood base, the charity runs a five day a week Independence and Wellbeing Centre, Information and Outreach, Welfare Benefits and Counselling Services, and monthly Family and Friends group. Information and Outreach Officers visit people wherever needed and Headway runs weekly social and activity groups that meet at various locations in Cardiff and Pontypool.

Blake, Perry, Phillips Host Trust Fans’ Forum

The Trust’s Annual General Meeting will take place at the Three Arches pub in Heathwood Road, Cardiff, on Thursday, June 20, starting at 7 pm.

Once the business of the AGM has been concluded, BBC Wales Soccer Commentator Rob Phillips will host our annual fans’ forum with Bluebird legends, Jason Perry and Nathan Blake.

This will once again provide a superb opportunity for members to talk about all-things Cardiff City and get Rob, Nathan and Jason’s verdict on the momentous 2018-19 Premier League season and the prospects back in The Championship.

We look forward to seeing members at the AGM and the fans’ forum following. Members can bring a guest, who is a non-member, but the venue is limited to 60. Members wanting to attend should email or write to CCST, PO Box 4254, Cardiff, CF14 8FD to confirm their attendance.

It should be a great night of football chat.