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Changing Lives At The Cardiff City Foundation

The Trust was invited by Cardiff City FC Foundation to a media briefing this week to learn more about the work of the club’s official charity.

Foundation Director Gavin Hawkey, chair Leighton Andrews and foundation staff talked about how the charity was changing lives.

It offers a range of programmes to inspire education, improve health and wellbeing and build safer communities, working annually with many thousands of children, young people, families and vulnerable adults across Cardiff and the south Wales Valleys.

Trust Press Officer Phillip Nifield said: “The Foundation does some incredible work changing the lives of people and we were shown a number of examples where this happens. This included a girl who had dropped out of school but is now at university and also a lad who was part of the Premier League Kicks programme and was featured on BBC’s Match of The Day.

“There is undoubtedly a very dedicated team at the foundation and it was very useful to talk over ideas for spreading the message further to Bluebirds fans and people in communities across south Wales. We hope supporters will become increasingly proud of the  wonderful work done at the foundation.”

Loud And Proud Support, Urges Trust Chair Ahead Of New Season

Trust chair Keith Morgan

Trust Chair Keith Morgan looks ahead to the Premier League season as the Bluebirds prepare to kick-off against Bournemouth on Saturday.

After the excitement of last season`s automatic promotion to the Premier League, which was a shock to many of the club`s media critics and, to be fair, probably a surprise to many of us fans of the club, the new season is nearly upon us.

It would appear that our chances of avoiding relegation back down to the Championship are already being almost universally written off by the football media.

So surely this is exactly why all Cardiff City fans will need to pull together and give 100% support to the club and every player that puts on its shirt throughout the season. Loud and proud support that we are capable of even when things are not going well on the pitch (and there will be spells when this inevitably will happen because of the quality of opposition we will face week in week out). It might just lift the players enough to make the difference between a poor result and a good one, even when unexpected.

At the time of writing this we had signed four new first team squad members at not insignificant cost, plus held on to some of our key players who got us promoted last season. As fans, we always want more (there may be some more, last minute, signings before transfer deadline ) but whatever the make-up of the team on the pitch , every player deserves our full support for 90 minutes every game.

Off the pitch, the Trust has continued its regular dialogue with the club`s senior management on key issues such as debt to equity and Profitability and Sustainability (formerly called Financial Fair Play).

We were advised of the recent major debt to equity conversion made by Vincent Tan in such a meeting, agreeing to hold back the information as confidential until the same time that the club was able to issue its own official statement on the matter.

In addition, we were able to advise fans of the club`s confirmed compliance with P&S regulations for season 2017-18. Such issues sometimes are not in the front of the minds of many fans but, without them being addressed, there is a risk that the club may find itself with longer term financial problems (see QPR and Aston Villa). I express this as my personal opinion , but the financial support given to the club by its owner Tan Sri Vincent Tan and the work put in by the club`s directors and staff has been vital to ensure we all have a club to support.

The Trust will continue to liaise with CCFC on such key issues, and will also continue to discuss issues raised by individual fans such as beam back of away games and pre-match access to the car park at the ground (both recently raised and responded to by the club).

So let`s all look forward to the new season with as much optimism and support for the team as we can muster. For those of us who have supported the club for a long time these really are “the good times” compared to many previous seasons. For new fans of the club, come and join us and stay as fans for the long term.

Keith Morgan


Trust Welcomes Excellent News On Cardiff City Finances

Trust chair Keith Morgan

Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust chair Keith Morgan today highlighted two excellent pieces of financial news following a meeting yesterday with Cardiff City Chief Executive, Ken Choo.

Keith Morgan said: “Firstly, there has been a further massive conversion of debt due to the owner Vincent Tan into equity (shares). The amount involved is a huge £66.4m and is in addition to conversions of £8m in an earlier year and £12.7m in June 2017.

“The latest conversion took place at the end of May 2018  This is a major boost to the club’s balance sheet position and is a further great example of Vincent Tan’s continued commitment to the club.

“The second piece of good news is that the club has received formal confirmation that is was compliant with the Profitability and Sustainability (formerly Financial Fair Play) Rules for the 2017-18 season just ended.”

“In view of recent well publicised difficulties other football clubs have experienced with P&S (FFP) compliance, the fact that Cardiff City Football Club (CCFC) is running its financial affairs in a compliant manner is very encouraging.”

As someone who deals with football financial matters as part of his professional work as a director of Mazars a global accountancy firm , the issue of conversion of debt to equity is often a subject discussed with Ken Choo at regular meetings Keith Morgan has with him on behalf of the Trust. Meetings also discuss other key issues on a regular basis.

Tim Hartley

At present I am vice-chairman of Supporters’ Direct which is the umbrella body for supporters’ trusts in Europe. It is in this capacity that I feel that I can offer most to our Trust; both by keeping Trust Board members up to date with developments on the football governance front and by enabling our Trust to have a voice on matters of importance to all trusts.

I am still fully committed to what I consider to be the four main aims of the Trust.

These aims are:

  • To represent the views of our members and to ensure effective dialogue between them and Cardiff City AFC;
  • To increase supporters’ influence and to campaign for supporter representation on the Club board;
  • To help strengthen the links, understanding and cooperation between the Club, its supporters and the community it serves;
  • To work with stake-holders, opinion-formers, other supporters’ bodies and organisations so that the Trust is known as a positive, inclusive and representative group.

The main challenges I see that lie ahead are 1] to increase the membership of the Trust and 2] to improve the way that we communicate generally and with our membership in particular. This is where I think that, in the coming year, our time and effort should be focussed.

Working closely with other groups the Trust has had its successes. Think of the campaign to return to blue colours, a fairer pricing policy, the Memorial Garden and the Fred Keenor Statue. The Trust has also staged many successful social events both at the Stadium and in the fans’ communities With your support, I look forward to the continuation of this level of activity.

Clive Harry

My first City game was a 3-2 home win over Derby County in the winter of 1957 possibly proving that Derby’s 2018 dislike of cold weather is not a recent occurrence.

Since then I have been present at most of the memorable occasions in the club’s history including the promotion winning Aston Villa game on 1960, ECWC games such as Real Zaragoza and Real Madrid, promotions and Wembley appearances as well as the heartache of relegations.

I also spent a year as a Press Officer/Director of another club which gave me the highs of involvement in European football on more than one occasion as well as the lows of insolvency. Such experiences have given me some knowledge of the problems of football administration which, hopefully, can prove of assistance to the Trust.

Like many other supporters I became somewhat disillusioned with the running of the club around the time of the change of shirt colour and felt that decisions were being made in isolation from supporters without any real understanding of the consequences.

Fortunately such relations have improved since the return to blue but the Trust still has an important role to play in strategic club matters such as governance, financial matter such as debt to equity as well as representing members’ views.

My role within the Trust is that of membership secretary.

Brian Mertens: A Tribute to a Trust Stalwart

We are very sad to report that Brian Mertens, a long-serving member of Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust, has passed away.

Brian was a board member of the Trust for many years, only recently stepping down from the role due to illness.

He was a familiar figure at the Cardiff City Stadium running the Trust office, near Gate 5, for many years. Brian also liaised with other football club trusts across the Wales and England and had represented the Trust at meetings with Cardiff City Football Club and at national supporter conferences.

Trust chair Keith Morgan said: “Brian was a stalwart of the Trust and believed passionately in the aims of the wider movement.

“Brian always had the interests of members at heart and was always ready to tell people about work of the Trust and encourage them to sign up. He was a true Bluebird and a season-ticket holder for many years, always supporting fervently his beloved Cardiff City. Sadly, Brian won’t be there supporting the team when they return to Premier League action in August.

“We will all miss him. The Trust wishes to offer our condolences to Brian’s family and friends at this very difficult time.”

Rest In Peace, Brian.