Jon Day

Who are you? Jonathan Day

Where do you live? Cardiff

What do you do for a living? Local Government worker.

Why did you join the Trust?

I joined the Trust simply because I think it’s important that as supporters we have a unified voice. The relationship between the club and its fans isn’t just that of a business and its customers, and through the Trust we can provide a bigger voice for fans.

Why would you encourage fans to join the Trust?

The more fans that join the louder our voice. Also the more fans that join the Trust the more representative we are of our supporters.

Why did you seek election to the Trust Board?

Just so that I could contribute as a fan and do what I can to help the Trust grow.

What is your aim for the Trust over the next 12 months? 

To continue to grow our membership, and to work more with our members to get a better understanding of what things they would like the Trust to be doing for them.

How long have you supported City? 30 Years

What was your favourite City match? The Man City FA Cup game in 1994.

Who is your favourite City player/s? Jason Fowler and Peter Whittingham, both of them have showed us world class football moments on our doorstep.