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Football Club AGM

Further to our statement of 3/1/2010, the Seceratry of the Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust yesterday sent a letter by registered mail to Alan Whiteley, the Secretary of Cardiff City Football Club (Holdings) Ltd, requesting that an Annual General Meeting of the company be held within the next 28 days.

Mr Whiteley was advised that the general nature of the business at the meeting we have requested is to allow the Directors to outline their plans for the club to the shareholders and to evidence the financial stability and viability of Cardiff City Football Club in the short, medium and long-term.

Press Statement

Members of the Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust are bitterly disappointed to read reports today of further financial problems at our football club. If Sunday’s newspaper reports are accurate, it appears the fans have not been dealt with honestly by the club’s board of directors.

More than ten thousand supporters have recently parted with their cash to buy season tickets for next season on the clear understanding that the money will be going towards strengthening the squad during the January transfer window. If the newspaper reports are true, then it seems we have been duped into bailing the club out, as the money we have been paying for our season tickets will be used to clear outstanding tax bills.

There appears to be very little transparency in the club’s dealings with its fans. We need to know if we have been sold false promises. Were the statements made by the club inaccurate? From what we have read, it appears the club’s finances are not being managed properly. It seems that, once again, Cardiff City is in a terrible financial mess, with significant bills not being paid on time.